Dog's Muck Island is a short Gameboy game inspired by Link's Awakening's fetch quest. Play in your browser or on a real Gameboy or Analogue Pocket.

Keyboard controls
Enter = Start/Pause
Z = Action
Arrow keys = Movement

Gameboy controls
Start = Start/Pause
A = Action
D-pad - Movement

Includes music by

  • Ember#1765 / DeerTears
  • krümel (crumb)#0723
  • Tomas Danko

This game was developed in GBStudio.


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Gameboy rom (v0.1e) 256 kB
dog's muck island v0.1e.pocket 256 kB
Dog's Muck Island - Instruction Booklet.pdf 1 MB

Development log


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This has some of the best visuals I've seen in this type of project yet. Great job!

M U C  K

I liked the cartoon graphics and the organic quest design! I'm willing to play more levels of the game when it is expanded. Cheers!

The graphics are really, really good. Inspiring to look at

Thanks Max, that’s very kind of you. I love what you’re doing with Wink, it’s been great watching the project evolve. Can really see how much care and attention you’re putting into it

Thank you! That means a lot. I submitted a game to the competition too. I'd love to hear your thoughts

This game is really enjoyable! I love Gameboy style games and I feel that you managed to capture that feeling. The sprites and assets were well made and the characters were quite fun to interact.  Having the fortune teller as a way o give hints on what to do is an idea I never thought of before. Love this game overall and there was no bugs or whatsoever. cheese / 10 :D


I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s the first time I’ve ever had a game Let’s Played and it was a nerve racking but very joyful experience, Thankyou!

I really like the graphics, the characters are super cute. Real gameboy style! Grats!

I really love the sprite artwork. My favorite part is the swimming animation and the small detail work you put in every set.

Would like to see a longer version of the game!

Keep up the good work and good luck for the competition!

Thankyou! I definitely feel like I understand the limitations (sprite frame counts!) and possibilities of GBStudio to do something more ambitious next time.

Good luck with All Humans Must Die, it has some gorgeous sprite work!

Thank you very much for the kind words! I will try to improve the last tiny bit of my game for the jam entry and than focus on something new.